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Oil essential Chamomile - food - 17 ml - Natural

Essential oil of Chamomile natural food.

IVA Incluido

Essential oil of Chamomile natural food.

Active principles
These flowers and leaves contain essential oils, chamazuleno, coumarin, glycosides and flavonoids (common Chamomile); camphor, borneol, terpenes, esters and a bitter substance (wild camomile); and azulene (antiallergic) (scented mayweed).

The "pocafiebre" property (Chrysantemum parthenium), although little used, is nevertheless advantageous at least by borneol and esters them. Its essence is a good counterirritant. Maybe their applications in homeopathy will be to recover the place that used to occupy in allopathy. Feverfew chamomilla, or Chamomile, had its moment of Fame at the time of the Arab doctors, who used to regard it as a multivalent remedy. Its hardly oil can be found, although it has antispasmodic qualities, non-allergic, antiflogisticas, carminative, stomachic and vulnerary. In addition, olive oil with 10% of essence of Chamomile is very valuable to rub for rheumatic pains. Alone, or almost, Roman Chamomile (Anthemis nobilis) used commonly today in day, its popularity due to the value of their infusions and essential oil. Obtained by distillation of steam from the flowers, the latter is an antispasmodic, antiphlogistic, antioftalmico, aperitif,febrifuge, stimulant, emenagogico and vermifuge.

GRANADIET essential oils are natural aromatic agents. Indicated for flavoring and flavor all kinds of foodstuffs.

Retrieved from plants selected through a demanding quality control.

How to use: Place to taste through built-in Dripper.

Ingredients: natural essential oil.

Content: 17 ml

Store in a cool place.

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