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Arab tents-(Decoración Arabe-Andalusí)

All types of Jaima Arabic: - traditional - PVC - FR M2 - structure of removable iron (galvanized iron) or folding structure of aluminioDisponemos of Arab tents for rent and sale with the possibility of decoration to the Arab style

IVA Incluido
Jaima Arabes

All types of Arabic tent:
-Fireproof M2
-Detachable iron (galvanized iron) or folding aluminum frame structure

We have tents Arabs in rental and sale with the possibility of Arabic-style decoration (Al-Andalus).

The tents are the typical houses of the Arab peoples.

This type of shopsthey are ideal for their design for: parties, meetings, weddings, birthdays, stag parties,... etc.

They are waterproof, installation is quick and easy.

They can be installed on any flat surface.

As you can see in the photos, there are several types of colors and designs for the tents.

Possibility of personalized tent.

Contact us For more information.

Type of tent
Measures (diameter)
Capacity (m2)

6 m

30 m2


8 m
50 m2
24 x 12 mm
288 m2
20 x 10 m
200 m2
8 x 16 m
128 m2
7 x 14 m
98 m2
6 x 12 m
72 m2
5 x 10 m
50 m2
4 x 8 m 32 m2
4 x 6 m 24 m2
3 x 6 m
18 m2

(The Andalusian decoration of photos sold separately and is not included in the price)
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